press release

The Art Gorgeous 10.10.2019 - 13.10.2019

Exceptional under represented artists presented in exceptional venues, chosen by an exceptional selectional committee

Sounds good? We agree and therefore want to open up the opportunity to all of you to apply as an artist to present your work in the city of Brussels this coming October.

Accessible art fair (ACAF) Is a contemporary art event bringing together artists and the public. Founded in 2006, the mission of the accessible art fair remains unchanged: Forging a bond between the artist and the buyer. This 4-day event offers a platform for artists to exhibit their work in a cultural and prestigious space. We strive to make quality artists accessible to the public and the public accessible to the artists.

"For an artist having access to an audience is of paramount importance. Stephanie Manasseh’s accessible art fair opens doors in a field where entry is notoriously narrow."
- Simon de Pury, Jury member of ACAF, Brussels -