press release

In the project room, Marvelli Gallery is pleased to present “Test Run”, an exhibition of American artist Alex McQuilkin. The exhibition will feature a new video.

The video “Test Run” explores a romantic fantasy of suicide. The character is filming herself in the attempt of drowning in a bath tub. On one level it exposes the appeal of suicide as a “time out”, escape and relief. On another level it reveals the superficial appeal of suicide as a cinematic fantasy instilled in us through the illustrations of the tragic hero taking her/his own life onscreen.

Alex McQuilkin received her BFA from New York University in 2002. In the past few years, she has exhibited extensively in Europe: Berlin (Voelker & Freunde Galerie), Frankfurt (Galerie Adler), Copenhagen (Gimm Eiss) London (Ritter/Zamet), and Madrid (Carmen De La Guerra), among other venues . This will be her first solo exhibition in New York.


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Alex McQuilkin: Test Run