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New York, March 28, 2006 – Metro Pictures will present an exhibition of new work by Berlin-based artist Andreas Slominski. The exhibition will include a recent series of polystyrene wall reliefs called the xyz pictures after the cryptic titles Slominski gives them. The large blocks of polystyrene are carved and cut, sprayed and painted with color, and affixed with such handmade objects as miniature skis, shoes, clocks and candleholders. This will be Slominski's second exhibition at Metro Pictures – his first was a 1999 exhibition of animal trap sculptures, which range from eccentric and brutal to whimsical and folksy.

Andreas Slominski is known for his absurdly labor-intensive actions that subvert expectations about art and the role of the artist and his facilitators. He calls into question the cultural value of mindless efficiency by taking actions to their extremes. Slominski's sly humor is paired with conceptual rigor, fierce observations, and exacting attention to detail: he takes no shortcuts.

Slominski first exhibited the xyz pictures as part of his recent exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery in London. As another part of the exhibition, he removed a wall of the gallery and built a ramp leading into the gallery from outdoors. This "ski run" was covered with artificial snow, and Slominski repeatedly skied down the ramp into the gallery. Before each run he waxed his skis, then scraped the wax off when he landed in the gallery. He then collected the used wax and gave it to a candle maker who created a candle out of the ski wax. After the ramp and snow were cleared away and the wall replaced, the only trace of this elaborate process was the candle, which was displayed for viewers to wonder about its meaning.

Andreas Slominski was born in Meppen, Germany in 1959 and currently lives in Berlin. He studied art in Hamburg. In addition to his recent show at the Serpentine Gallery, he has had exhibitions at Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, Museum für Modern Kunst in Frankfurt, Fondazione Prada, Milan, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kunsthalle Zürich, Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht and Museum Haus Esters in Krefeld. He shows at Sadie Coles in London, Jablonka Galerie in Cologne and Produzentengalerie in Hamburg.


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Andreas Slominski