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Art Rotterdam 2019
The Fair to discover Young Art
07.02.2019 - 10.02.2019

- Wednesday 6th February Press Preview 12.30 - 13.00
- Thursday 7th February 11.00 - 19.00
- Friday 8th February 11.00 - 19.00
- Saturday 9th February 11.00 - 19.00
- Sunday 10th February 11.00 - 19.00



This week, Rotterdam transforms into the Valhalla for art, design and architecture lovers. Throughout the week, the city bustles with special openings, exhibitions in museums and art institutions, lectures, guided tours, debates, pop-up shows and various fairs.

Art Rotterdam - hub of the Art Rotterdam Week - celebrates its 20-year anniversary. For this jubilee edition, the fair has sharpened its varied model focused on young art and has put collaboration centre-stage. In a more intimate atmosphere, there is more focus on connection between national and international galleries. For four days, the Van Nelle factory forms the backdrop for the latest developments in the visual arts.

A new feature is the presentation of Now/Forever, curated by Hester Alberdingk Thijm, director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation. The New Art Section also has a new, tailor-made architecture and has been curated by Tiago de Abreu Pinto. Would you like to start preparing in advance for the fair? You can, with the online Art Rotterdam catalogue at, online from January 18th. Starting this year, more clarification has also been brought to the fair itself, in the form of information signs for works of art in each stand. The Art Rotterdam Week shuttle buses are at the entrance to the exhibition; these will bring you to the various highlights in the Museumpark, the Vierhavens area and the Kop van Zuid for free. I wish you a great deal of pleasure and inspiration.

Fons Hof Director, Art Rotterdam



AKINCI (NL) | Althuis Hofland Fine Arts (NL) | andriesse eyck galerie (NL) | (BE) | ASPN (DE) | Willem Baars Projects (NL) | Balzer Projects (CH) | Base-Alpha Gallery (BE) | van den Berge (NL) | Galleri Jacob Bjørn (DK) | BorzoGallery (NL) | Brandt Gallery (NL) | Ellen de Bruijne Projects (NL) | Kristof De Clercq gallery (BE) | Galerie la Ferronnerie (FR) | Flatland Gallery (NL) | FOLD Gallery (UK) | Galerie Fontana (NL) | Annet Gelink Gallery (NL) | Gallery Annie Gentils (BE) | GRIMM (NL) | Rianne Groen (NL) | HE.RO (NL) | Gerhard Hofland (NL) | KANT (DK) | Roger Katwijk (NL) | KersGallery (NL) | Galerie Martin Kudlek (DE) | Maurits van de Laar (NL) | Galerie Wouter van Leeuwen (NL) | Livingstone Gallery (NL) | Lumen Travo (NL) | Galerie Ron Mandos (NL) | Meijer Kunsthandel (NL) | Tobias Naehring (DE) | NL=US Art (NL) | No Man's Art Gallery (NL) | PHOEBUS Rotterdam (NL) | Plus One Gallery (BE) | PSM (DE) | Ramakers (NL) | The Ravestijn Gallery (NL) | MIEKE VAN SCHAIJK (NL) | Hidde van Seggelen (UK) | Barbara Seiler (CH) | SEXAUER (DE) | Slewe (NL) | Stigter van Doesburg (NL) | Frank Taal Galerie (NL) | tegenboschvanvreden (NL) | TORCH gallery (NL) | UNTTLD CONTEMPORARY (AT) | Upstream Gallery (NL) | Gallery Sofie Van de Velde (BE) | Galerie VIVID (NL) | We Like Art (NL) | Galerie Fons Welters (NL) | The White House Gallery (BE) | Martin van Zomeren (NL)


AkzoNobel Art Foundation zeigt Aktualität (Now) und dauerhafte Qualität (Forever)   Participants:
AKINCI (NL) Anne Wenzel | ASPN (DE) FAMED | Ellen de Bruijne Projects (NL) Klaas Kloosterboer | Kristof De Clercq Gallery (BE) Johan Grimonaprez | Galerie Fontana (NL) Jean Bechameil & Martine Feipel | Gerhard Hofland (NL) Bas de Wit | GRIMM (NL) Alex Dordoy | Livingstone Gallery (NL) Ruri Matsumoto | Galerie Ron Mandos (NL) Esther Tielemans | Stigter Van Doesburg (NL) Lucas Lenglet | tegenboschvanvreden (NL) Paul Kooiker | Upstream Gallery (NL) Jan Robert Leegte

Hester Alberdingk Thijm, director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation

Tom Postma

''Dare to take one step outside your comfort zone when purchasing a work that appeals to you''
Hester Alberdingk Thijm is passionate and engaged when she starts talking about young artists, creating exhibitions, studio visits and collecting art. The same is true concerning her position as director of the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, the corporate collection for which she has purchased some 1800 works by young and established international artists over the past 24 years. Or when she talks about the new section at Art Rotterdam: Now/Forever, where she curates the exhibition. The presentation space is a design by Tom Postma, a world-renowned exhibition architect. 'The starting point is to create a central place at the fair where works from different galleries are placed side by side and engage with each other and the viewer,' says Alberdingk Thijm. Of course, she has to make hard choices for the exhibition, and people will not be included, and she always finds that difficult. Leading criteria in the selection are topicality (Now) and a sustainable quality (Forever). She sees a clear parallel between her public exhibition space - the AkzoNobel Artspace - and Now/Forever. 'Connection', she says firmly, 'that's what it's all about. You also see that at Art Rotterdam, and that makes it a success. The connection between the artists, galleries, the museums and art institutions in the city, collectors and other art lovers.'

What would she like to say to beginning collectors? 'Above all, go to Prospects & Concepts, organized by the Mondrian Fund, the section of the fair with the youngest generation of promising artists. Speak to the artists there and talk about the works. Also dare to speak to gallery owners; they are there to give you an explanation. Know that there is such a thing as the Kunstkoopregeling (Art purchase scheme), the interest-free loan from the state that brings artworks within everyone's reach. Look, go on a voyage of discovery and then dare to take one step outside your comfort zone when purchasing a work that appeals to you. A work that you cannot immediately understand completely: that is what you will enjoy the longest', says Hester Alberdingk Thijm.


Young artists in group presentation

The Brazilian curator Tiago de Abreu Pinto has put together a presentation with works from young galleries in a specially designed architecture. For this presentation, Abreu uses the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. 'This myth is a metaphor for the kind of journey that you cannot possibly take alone. Only through cooperation do the Argonauts know how to get the golden fleece. This also applies to Art Rotterdam and the New Art Section.' Abreu also lets this theme be reflected in the selected works and in the design of the presentation space.

Salim Bayri, Galerie van Gelder (NL) | Paola Ciarska, IMT Gallery (UK) | Caroline Van den Eynden, DMW Art Space (BE) | Alex Farrar, Dürst Britt & Mayhew (NL) | Thomas Hauser, Un-Spaced Gallery (FR) | Mar Hernandez, White Noise Gallery (IT) | Alexandra Hunts, Galerie Bart (NL) | Jonas Maas, Philipp von Rosen Gallery (DE) | Momu & No Es - Lucia Momu, Joey Ramone (NL) | Catalin Pislaru, Nir Altman (DE) | Michael Pybus, Tatjana Pieters (BE) | Salut c'est cool, Galerie 22,48 m² (FR) | Emilio Vavarella, Gallleriapiù (IT)



AKINCI (NL) Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács | Ellen de Bruijne Projects (NL) Lara Amercegui | BWA (PL) Agnieszka Kalinowska | Carlier | Gebauer (DE) Caroline Mesquita | Kristof de Clercq Gallery (BE) Johan Grimonprez | Dam Gallery (DE) Driessens & Verstappen | Grimm Gallery (NL) Alex van Warmerdam | Galerie Jousse Entreprise (FR) Arash Nassiri | Martos (USA) Michel Auder | Montoro 12 Contemporary Art (IT) Larissa Sansour | Caroline O'Breen Gallery Amsterdam (NL) Antoinette Nausikaä | Mieke van Schaijk (NL) Yuki Okumura | Tegenboschvanvreden (NL) Maya Watanabe



Archiraar Gallery (BE) | Meessen De Clercq (BE) | Division of Labour (UK) | galerie dudokdegroot (NL) | Hans & Fritz Contemporary (UK) | Josilda da Conceição Gallery (NL) | LangArt (NL) | L’étrangère (UK) | mariondecannière (BE) | MATÈRIA (IT) | Montoro 12 Contemporary Art (BE) | Caroline O’Breen (NL) | P74 Gallery (SI) | Show Off (NL) | Cokkie Snoei (NL) | SPECTA (DK) | Vriend van Bavink (NL) | Zeller van Almsick (AUT)


Elise 't Hart, Geritsel, research Institute for Domestic Sound, 2013-present

For the seventh time, the Mondrian Fund presents promising artists in the exhibition Prospects & Concepts
Guest curator this year is Macha Roesink, known among other things for the high-profile exhibitions she created for Museum De Paviljoens in Almere. She looks forward to compiling a new edition together with the youngest generation of graduate artists who received a Young Talent Grant in 2017. Art Rotterdam is an excellent opportunity to give the visibility of starting visual artists an extra boost. Artist Lisa Sebestikova, who participated in the previous edition of Prospects & Concepts, confirms this: 'In the middle of Art Rotterdam, you get the opportunity as a young artist to get in touch with and speak with many people. Everyone is in principle within reach.'

With 67 participating artists, Prospects & Concepts again offers a diverse range of disciplines this year, varying from painting to video art, from performances to photography and much more. Attention is also paid to the role of research in creating artworks, such as the everyday sounds that Elise 't Hart collects for her Institute for Domestic Sound. Especially for Prospects & Concepts, she will open an annex with a new collection of sounds from Art Rotterdam.



Valeria Napoleone in her London home, amidst her art collection of solely female artists. Her current collection includes approximately 350 works by around 120 international contemporary female artists. 0 women are in the first edition of the standard works Janson's History of Art (1962) or E.H. Gombrich's The Story of Art (1961) Available in Kunstmagazine See All This Magazine, Facts & Figures from the women's edition # 10

Location: Reflections Room, on the exhibition floor of Art Rotterdam and only accessible by stairs (no lift) | Free entrance with Art Rotterdam ticket | English spoken    Thursday, February 7 1 pm – 2.30 pm Curators Talk Hans van Dijk: A Life with Art in China The recent publication Hans van Dijk: A Life with Art in China (Witte de With Publishers and UCCA) is dedicated to the life and work of Hans van Dijk (NL, 1946) and his seminal role in Chinese contemporary art. Van Dijk was both a witness and a catalyst in the development of contemporary art in mainland China, where he lived and worked as a curator, art historian and gallerist from 1986 until his death in 2002. Marianne Brouwer, author and researcher of the publication, as well as curator of two exhibitions on the legacy of van Dijk organized in 2014 by Witte de With and UCCA (Beijing), will discuss the complex history of Chinese contemporary art together with Samuel Saelemakers, Witte de With curator and editor of the book. Register:   3 pm – 4.15 pm Artist talks  CBK Rotterdam  CBK Rotterdam made film portraits of three Rotterdam visual artists who talk about a recent in-depth project that they carried out. Robert Glas, Priscila Fernandes and Pendar Nabipour talk about their research, how they conducted it and what it gave them. Using the film portraits, Nicole Sciarone has a conversation with the three artists, so that we slowly develop a clear picture of their work and artistic practice. The film portraits were realized by Mirjam Somers and Bas Czerwinski. Register:   Friday, February 8 1 pm – 2 pm Q&A with Valeria Napoleone Hosted by: See All This Magazine. Collector of solely contemporary female artists. With, for example, tips for the starting collector and a selection of Valeria's highlights of presented female artists on display at Art Rotterdam.  Museums generally show few works of art by female artists, but in the Valeria Napoleone collection, they are the only ones who matter. Her mission is clear: to put female artists on the map. With a fund set up by her in 2012, she stimulates the purchase of female art by museums and institutes in England and America.  Register:



During IFFR and Art Rotterdam Week
From January 23 through February 10
Shown at central hall of Rotterdam CS

In collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the video work 'Insight' by Sebastián Díaz Morales is shown. This work shows a film set on which a mirror is broken in slow motion. By showing the camera, the crew and the mirror, Díaz Morales shows how images in the media are made, and he investigates how we perceive them.



Willem De Haan, Metro Station Eekteweg, 2018, mixed media; polystyrene, wood, stainless steel, acrylic paint, varnish, bike, stickers, lights and dummy camera, 460 x 445 x 280 cm. Will be placed in front of the entrance of Art Rotterdam in collaboration with Milk Amsterdam.


CITIZENM CINEMA the making of Trouble in Paradise

At the same time as Art Rotterdam, the Kunsthal Trouble is opening in Paradise, the exhibition with works from the renowned KRC collection, the parent company of citizenM. At citizenM Cinema at Art Rotterdam, you can see how the exhibition came about. In addition, smaller screens will show short documentaries about artists who can be seen at both Art Rotterdam and in the Kunsthal. When asked, Robin Chadha, CMO of citizenM, says that art is in the DNA of the hotel chain. 'Just like artists, we do things a bit differently. We want to inspire our guests with art and design, and, like Art Rotterdam, always look for connections with the city and local artists for every hotel.'

citizenM Cinema has a new design this year from the renowned exhibition architect Tom Postma. The design consists of two rooms: a reception room and a screen room.


Netherlands ⇄ Bauhaus - Pioneers of a New World

Rotterdam is the cradle of the so called ''Nieuwe Bouwen'' with the Van Nelle factory from 1931 as its icon Special Art Rotterdam Week Preview: Friday Feb 8, starting at 8.30 pm  

In 2019, it is 100 years since the founding of the Bauhaus, an innovative art and design school in Germany between 1919 and 1933. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen shows the Dutch side of Bauhaus. In the years between the two world wars, Rotterdam was the city where modernism was most prominently expressed in architecture and design. For this exhibition, the museum's own collection is supplemented with loans from the Netherlands and abroad. The inspiring relationship between the Netherlands and the Bauhaus is made visible through works of art, furniture, ceramics, textiles, utensils, photographs, typography and architecture. It is the last exhibition in the Bodon wing for the time being. Subsequently, the museum building at the Museumpark will close for large-scale renovation and improvements.  



Art Rotterdam is once again the pivot of the Art Rotterdam Week this year. The entire city is brimming with exhibitions, pop-up shows, openings and art and design fairs. The free Art Rotterdam Week shuttle bus takes will take you to the highlights of this programme. Soon you can find the full Art Rotterdam Week programme on WWW.ARTROTTERDAMWEEK.COM!