press release

In October ARKEN will be showing a dazzling array of Pablo Picasso's best works in the exhibition Beloved by Picasso: The Power of the Model. The exhibition has been organized in a unique collaboration with Musée national Picasso-Paris, from which all 51 works in the exhibition have been lent. Beloved by Picasso shows paintings, drawings and prints by the famous artist and sheds light on the relations between Picasso and his models.

Picasso's passions and the power of the model
Pablo Picasso is one of the most important and acclaimed figures in the history of art; famous for his art and his capacity to renew himself, notorious for his uncompromising life. In Picasso's impressive oeuvre art, love, family life and politics merge - with the relationships between the painter and his models as a central feature of his life and art. The exhibition Beloved by Picasso: The Power of the Model takes a fresh look at the relations between Pablo Picasso and his models. The exhibition offers unique insight into how Picasso's friends, family, wives and lovers challenged and inspired his artistic development; and refutes the idea of Picasso's models as passive objects of the artist's gaze by turning the focus on the power of the model and her role as an equal partner. We can look forward to a magnificent Picasso experience in the autumn, when Beloved by Picasso: The Power of the Model takes over the halls at ARKEN from 12 October 2019.