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When Kunsthallen Brandts January 29 2009 opens the exhibition BLACKOUT we will open an exhibition radically different and with a unique interpretation of the Danish architect, designer, and radical critic Poul Henningsen (1894-1967).

We have invited British artist Simon Starling and the Danish art group SUPERFLEX to be inspired by the ideas on design, art, and society of Poul Henningsen. The inspiration of Poul Henningsen is not unusual to the artists but for the first time they collaborate in an exhibition where their methods and ideas congregate in one artistic expression.

BLACKOUT Of central importance is the Blackout-lamp designed for Tivoli by Poul Henningsen in 1941. The design of the lamp does not expose any light up-wards, which meant Tivoli could stay open regardless the darkening prohibitions during Second World War. Inspired by this specific lamp Simon Starling and SUPERFLEX have created a new lamp, which will be produced at Brandts and in this manner via the artwork re-establishing fundaments for a production activity at Kunsthallen Brandts. To reinforce this essential aesthetic and political perspective Kunsthallen Brandts will be blacked out and stay darkened in the beginning of the exhibition period.

ENLIGHTENMENT On the second floor at Kunsthallen Brandts a blacksmith-workshop will be established and guests can follow the making of the lamp. A lamp will be produced each day and will be hung in the giant grid of wires hung across the exhibition spaces – in the end creating an enlightened impression. Another space will be turned into a printing office which pivotal point will be an enormous Heidelberg 52-4 printer. During the week text, images, or other material will be printed in order to create a catalogue in the end. Each day the public will be able to acquire new pages produced.

THE OPENING The exhibition will open January 29 at 5pm. Carsten Thau, Professor, The Royal School of Architecture in Copenhagen, will open the exhibition. Simon Starling and the artist of SUPERFLEX Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, Jakob Fenger, and Rasmus Nielsen will be present at the opening. Lene Burkard, Curator and Cecilie Bepler, Assistant Curator arranged the exhibition.

INFORMATION: Lene Burkard has conceptualized the exhibition as part of research collaboration with University of Southern Denmark within the framework of research project "Poul Henningsen and the Danish Cultural Heritage", which is supported by The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation for Culture and Communication.

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BLACKOUT at Kunsthallen Brandts
Presenting Simon Starling (UK) & Superflex (DK)

Konzeption: Lene Burkard

Künstler: Poul Henningsen, Simon Starling, Superflex