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An extensive collection of 250-300 pictures from posing in the nude through out time. A spectacular cultural historic wandering through times chancing of the ideal of beauty, over the body as photography.

Ever since photography was invented in 1830’s one has photographed the nude body. The study of the nude had already come to prevail within the painting which happend to great irritaion for some at the same time as nude posing was taken in by the academies (among them the Royal Danish Academy of Art). As a direct result that was the end of idealization particularly of the women. Now the realistic flesh of the body was shown which coursed great indignation amongst art critics. To make nude photography natural and ordinary both southern tableaux and boudoir pictures were staged. On the exhibition in forms of rare yellow/orange toned albumin prints. The purpose was often quite worldly and served as erotica, both the so called French postcards from La Belle Epoque and the informative stereo pictures, from which one could observe the private albums with overweigthed local circus princesses and the dissolute life behind the scene of Paris as it was viewed from an american fantasy.

In the begining of 1900 the genre was focused on art photographers like it has been ever since. The exhibition gives examples on fine danish and international artists’ word on how the body can be delineated so this along with the aesthetic ends up in a greater extent. Together with the written above the exhibition also shows examples on nudist pictures from the 1950’s and 60’s, a few filmstills from the 1960’s and 70’s and art pictures from today.


only in german

kuratiert von Lars Schwander

mit Claude Alexandre, Richard Kern, Steen Moeller Rasmussen, Cindy Sherman, Yoko Ono, Viggo Rivad, Lee Abrahmov, Nathalie Amand, Anders Askegaard, Jean-Claude Bélégou, Jens Birkemose, Henrik Brahe, Mark de Fraeye, de Laryew, Studio Ludwig Friedrich, Russel Gay, Stephan Glass, Stephen Freiheit Hayes, Steen Hinrichsen, Serge Jacques, Jens Juncker-Jensen, Tove Kurtzweil, Tuija Lindstroem, Ervin Marton, Phillipe Merié, Pierre Molinier, H.J. Mydtskov, H. & A. Roessler, Stereoskopic pictures, Strohmeyer & Wyman publishers, Olga Tobreluts, Sven Türck, Underwood & Underwood, Wilhelm von Gloeden, Jane Vorre, u.a.