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The creation of this exhibition on Eulalia Valldosera (Vilafranca del Penedés, Barcelona 1964) shares two objectives: to present Dependencies, her most recent work made specifically for this show in MNCARS which opens a new period in her art, as well as to review her artistic career since its beginnings in the late 1980s.

Dependencies is the new work that lends its name to the exhibit. In this monumental piece, the public interacts with supermarket trolleys containing video projectors. With it, the artist takes up filming devices and mise-en-scene, bringing out its tactile, auditory and playful features. The title alludes to the body’s dependences where life unfolds, as well as its ‘primordial states of being,’ such as maternity, sex, love and illness; but at the same time it makes reference to the dependence on certain mechanisms that construct us and define our ways of looking and acting.

Installations and actions that project light characterize Eulalia Valldosera’s work, whereby her intention is not to create an object to be observed, but to make the public participants in an activity that can be remembered. Containers and cleaning products constitute a leitmotif in a majority of her installations. In this show, visitors can interact with these containers modified to contain experiences that some people would rather erase from their lives, while others allow us to record our own.

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Eulalia Valldosera. Dependencias