press release

Invitation to Action! The exhibition Coalition of Amateurs, meaning lover, appassionato, non-professional as a way of being, is a non utopic way of discussing utopia that starts as a functional action space. It looks to distance itself from the satisfaction of fetish desire by material commodity and products by replacing it with the creation of excitement and the fulfilment offered by doing, being and sharing. Using the hand as the key to pleasure and a modern wax that is available to all as a material and as a metaphor for joining things and people. It is a transformable material for transformable desires that allows everybody to take part in the coalition, with an open programme of seminars, workshops and events that will continually transform the space and the discussion of the amateur.“We realise the necessity to put everything into question, indeed we trust more in the questions than the answers. It is not in utopia we are concerned but with its question. Since with communism as a memory and capitalism collapsing around us, it is a paradigmal shift of perspective that we need to renegotiate our relationship with the world around us and open existential potential and discuss life situation. We guide ourselves as children, illogical, irrational, but caring and compassionate. We climb the peaks of meanings and explore valleys of uncharted psychological states in wonder and excitement and some feeling of conspiracy. Where we get to is not as important as the journey we travel. Viva la utopia.” Jerszy Seymour

Curator: Nadine Erpelding (Mudam)

Kurator: Nadine Erpelding