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At the beginning of the 21st century, art and science move along parallel routes through the work of a number of artists who combine art, technology, creativity, mystery, emotion and beauty. Machines & Souls. Digital Art and New Media explores the convergence of science, art and technology, reflecting the transformations underlying the practice of the artists taking part.

The exhibition includes the work of 17 artists who have in common a remarkable artistic career, creative maturity and digital technology as their main tool. They are distinguished by age, vocational training, material and methods. Without their creativity and sensitivity, digital art is nothing. Technology is an instrument used in different ways - as a support, as an element of development or as a research method to seek new sensations that cannot be created by the computer itself.

The final result is a highly diverse and representative journey through digital art to contemplate Rozin’s interactive portraits, Byrne’s anthropomorphic robot, Farocki’s video installation, Friedlander’s light sculptures, Muntadas’s denunciation/installation, Kodama’s ferro-fluids, Abad’s marginalized collectives on Internet, Maeda’s “Software Art”, Lozano-Hemmer’s interactive installation, Evru’s digital paintings, Canogar’s installation, Jansen’s “beach beasts” or the unclassifiable art by MacMurtrie, Rubin and Hansen, Cosic, Huyghe or Jermijenko and Borrego.

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Maquinas & Almas
Digital Art and New Media
Kuratoren: Montxo Algora, Jose Luis de Vicente