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Born in Luxembourg in 1967, Michel Majerus was regarded as one of the most promising artists of his generation. During his short career he produced original works which oscillated between paintings and installations. He played with pictorial techniques influenced by the new digital world and combined these with a whole repertory of art history, most notably pop art and minimal art. His extraordinary installations are an ultimate demonstration of the enormous possibilities the pictorial medium offers today.

Mudam is bringing the environmental dimension of his work to the fore, by showing painting-installations conceived like spatial constructions, giving an opportunity to grasp the scale and dynamism of Majerus’ work.

Mudam is exhibiting the largest number of works that have ever been shown together, two of which form part of the museum’s collection – Running in Cycles (2001), a major work of impressive proportions, and Halbzeit (2002), one of the artist’s final paintings – and is fully committed to the project, transforming and even reconstructing different areas to create a journey through the artist’s colourful universe, made up from urban signs, geometrical shapes, and multiple references. His work presents a sort of inner-city interbreeding, an appropriation of symbols from the visual world that we live alongside every day. By reproducing certain visual elements, and by inventing others, his work reflects the spontaneity, the colours and strength of cultures and sub-cultures created through the constantly changing contemporary melting pot stemming from migration.

Coproduced with Kunsthaus Graz, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, the kestnergesellschaft Hannover; the exhibition at Mudam is conceived specifically for Luxembourg in collaboration with the Gallery neugerriemschneider Berlin and Michel Majerus’ family.


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Michel Majerus

12.02.05 - 16.05.05 Kunsthaus Graz
24.06.05 - 16.10.05 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
18.11.05 - 05.02.06 Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
19.11.05 - 26.02.06 Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover
13.12.06 - 16.04.07 Musée d´Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Luxemburg