press release

Invited to occupy the Grand Hall, the American artist Sarah Oppenheimer is presenting a new project that tangibly changes our usual perception. Visitors are thus invited to explore her installation and discover new viewpoints of the building designed by I. M. Pei. Taking into account both the strengths and constraints in terms of volume and the circulation of light, Oppenheimer explores the visual and physical potential of a place. Her spatial interventions are based on rhythmic (sequence or fragmentation) research varying the degrees of brightness as well as transparency and reflection effects. They create a play of continuity and rupture, offering in turn cuts and visual shortcuts. They thus offer viewers the ability to integrate themselves in a new way in the architecture, like a camera that explores space by alternating between tracking and zooming in and out. The uniqueness of the project developed at Mudam lies in presenting not only a fixed element but two mobile structures adapted to the dimensions of the space in which they move in a precise choreography and timing so that the experience of visitors is constantly renewed.