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The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía presents the exhibition Silo. Archivo F.X. A Project by Pedro G. Romero in the facilities at Santo Domingo de Silos Abbey, produced in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Burgos and the Abbey itself. Initiated in 1999, this project by Pedro G. Romero (Aracena, 1964) currently offers different kinds of archives, highlighted among them an extensive collection of images on political, antireligious iconoclasm in Spain from 1845 to 1945, which he presents in a reflection on the modern avant-garde’s most radical projects.

Romero’s work tends to use different media and disciplines, such as images, documents and reflections from seminars and publications, as well as different social and political practices. The exhibition provides various approaches to subject matters relating to this work, such as the influence of iconoclasm as a feature that constitutes a community’s own behaviors.

Even though at a first glance Archivo F.X. can be interpreted as reclaiming historical memory, the project is more interested in the destruction of sacred images and objects without being iconoclast itself, and in opening up a new language on the subject, a prime example of which is the Oikonomia Thesaurus, on display at the exhibition.

Here, the artist’s work once again alters the viewer’s habits for visiting exhibitions, displacing us from this terrain by moving us closer to something like theater. The artist himself speaks of “choreography” when referring to some of his projects.

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Pedro G. Romero
Silo. Archivo F.X.