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This exhibition presents work by British artist Tacita Dean (b1965), focusing on works inspired by her experience of Berlin, where she has lived since 2000. A leading artist of her generation, Dean works in a variety of media including prints and drawings but most notably film and sound. She is fascinated by the close relationship between film, the passing of time and the possibilities they present in the construction of narrative.

Exploring Berlin, her films sensitively capture the complex histories imbued in the material culture and architecture of this formerly divided city and its people. Evocative, melancholy and mysterious, her work suggests a personal experience wrapped up in the larger rhythms of history. The first presentation of her work in a public gallery in the UK since 2001, this exhibition includes her first major Berlin work Fernsehturm 2001. An atmospheric film made in the revolving restaurant of former East Berlin's famous Television Tower, Fernsehturm captures the changing atmosphere of this landmark place as day turns to night, revealing shifting perspectives of locality, social history and politics.

In addition, three of Dean's works will be shown in the UK for the first time:

Die Regimentstochter 2005 A group of framed opera and theatre programmes, with carefully and mysteriously excised covers, reveal the text and photographs beneath; highly allusive, they create new political stories.

Pie 2003 The artist records the view through her studio window of magpies flocking in the birch trees outside, giving a more intimate reading of the presence of nature and the process of artistic activity from within the city.

Palast 2004 Shown at the Venice Biennale this year, in her latest film Dean reflects Berlin's divided history in the jaded façade of the once iconic Palast, the government building of the former German Democratic Republic.


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