press release

The objects in this one-day exhibition were gathered by twenty-five teams racing across London on Saturday 9 July 2005.

At 10 a.m. the teams were issued with a set of 100 ‘art clues’. These led them to locations around the capital where information or an item had to be gathered, recorded or made. Some clues were simple, others more cryptic. You can read them for yourself as you wander around the exhibition.

At the end of a long, hard day the teams returned to Tate Modern to have their submissions judged. The judges were very strict. Teams were awarded points (to the value of the clue number) for correct items only. A few points were awarded for ingenious but erroneous submissions – you can probably spot which these are. An awards ceremony was held and the winning team left Tate Modern in a limousine. They were richer by £1,000: the total ticket revenue of the event.

Tate Scavengers is conceived by artist Joshua Sofaer, in collaboration with Stacy Makishi and the Interpretation and Education department of Tate Modern.

Tate Scavengers Exhibition
Kuratoren: Joshua Sofaer, Stacy Makishi