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hobbypopMUSEUM is a Düsseldorf-London artist group founded in 1998 that develops interactive installations. hobbypopMUSEUM are: Sophie von Hellermann (born 1975, lives in London), Marie-Céline Schäfer (born 1967, lives in Zhaoqing, China), Christian Jendreiko (born 1969, lives in Düsseldorf), Matthias Lahme (born 1974 , lives in Dusseldorf), Dietmar Lutz (born 1968, lives in Dusseldorf) and André Niebur (born 1973, lives in Dusseldorf).

Painting, installations, performances, architecture, video, music

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group exhibition


opening: 01. Mar 2018 19:00
02. Mar 2018 13. May 2018