short biography

Thierry Geoffrey aka Colonel (1961 born in Nancy / France) is a conceptual artist often collaborating with other artists and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He creates ART FORMATS, the most known is EMERGENCY ROOM. Since 1991 he has been using tents to expressing immediate opinions. The tents can be both looked at as paintings and as sculptures. When exhibited in the public space they even become performative and interactive works.

Actions in public space, performances, publications, manifestos, photography, film, video, TV projects, "Moving Exhibitions"

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group exhibition

Konstruktion der Welt: Kunst und Ökonomie - 1919-1939 und 2008-2018

opening: 11. Oct 2018 19:00
12. Oct 2018 03. Feb 2019
  • 12. Mar 03. Apr
    Accent Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde