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The Permanent Exhibition

08. May 1987

other venues

Ivan Gallery, Bucharest

Dr. Dimitrie Grecescu 13
050598 Bucharest

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Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest

LUDWIG MUSEUM | Komor Marcell u. 1
H-1095 Budapest

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OFF-Biennale Budapest '

HUB: Higgs Field project space Hercegprímás utca 11
1051 Budapest

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Galeria Plan B, Cluj-Napoca

Str. Albert Enstein 14
400045 Cluj-Napoca

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Sabot, Cluj-Napoca

Str. Henri Barbusse 59-61
400616 Cluj-Napoca

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Slash Gallery, Cluj-Napoca

Str. Cardinal Iuliu Hossu / Pavlov Nr.10, Napoca

plan route Bucharest

Str. Samuel Brassai nr. 5

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