press release

+ / - presents the works of Fiene Scharp and Ignacio Uriarte as a commentary on the interplay inherent in the constant process of “removing” and “adding”.

The work of both artists is non-representational - delicate, fine. It offers up nothing to the quick gaze. Through the use and application of materials such as paper, graphite, ink and hair, the pieces develop an organic presence and oscillate between drawing and object. They refer back to minimal art as well as to conceptual and concrete art in both, form and content.

Fiene Scharp’s works fascinate us with their constant, raster-shaped repetition of geometrical forms. The creation process is rigorously personal, manual repetition. Consequently, the viewer is captivated by the delicacy and precision of both her cut“drawings”, realized with a scalpel, and her graphite pieces with their most acute hand movements.

Ignacio Uriarte uses exclusively utensils from everyday life at the office for his pieces. Besides pencils and ink pencils, these are type writer works, in which he limits himself to the keys of +, - and %, creating pieces that are both strict and highly organic. His gradation drawings, on the other hand, impress us thanks to their tangible physical engagement with pen and paper.

The exhibition + / - is the result of a dialogue between the two artists.

We look forward to welcoming you at our gallery.

Ralf Haensel


Fiene Scharp (*1984, Berlin) studied art at UdK Berlin; in 2011, she was Meisterschülerin with Gregor Schneider, and in 2012, she received the Meisterschüler Award of the President of UdK Berlin. She already participated in the exhibition “Rasterfahndung – Das Raster in der Kunst nach 1945” at the Art Museum Stuttgart in 2012. This was followed by numerous single and group exhibitions in Europe and North America. Her pieces have been acquired by prestigious private as well as institutional collections, among them the Art Museum Stuttgart and the Graphic Collection of Berlin’s Museums (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz).

Ignacio Uriarte (*1972, Krefeld) did not start to focus solely on his art until 1999, after having studied and worked in the field of business administration. In addition to his drawings, he develops installations, videos and audio pieces. His works have been chosen for display in many single and group exhibitions all around the globe - most recently, they could be seen at the Foundation Hermès in Tokyo. His pieces have become part of collections in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, in the USA and in Germany, where they can for example be found in the collections of the Berlinischen Galerie, the Graphic Collection of Berlin’s Museums (Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz), the Städtischen Galerie im Lenbachhaus in Munich and at the Ludwig Museum in Cologne.

The exhibition + / - (Fiene Scharp and Ignacio Uriarte) is on view until next Saturday (25 July) only. We regret to close ahead of schedule because construction works in the house caused considerable damages of my gallery space. The gallery is closed from July 27 onwards for renovation. However, you can mail or call me (+49 172 511 5930) for appointments. Next Opening: UGLY BUT PERFECT - Alice Musiol - on Friday, 11 Sept 2015 at 6 pm.