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Professional Preview: September 6 - 7, 2007

Organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, the 10th International Istanbul Biennial will not be a conventional thematic exhibition, rather; it will emphasise artistic production based on collective intelligence and the living process of negotiating with physical sites. The Biennial will focus on urban issues and architectural reality as a means of exposing different cultural contexts and artistic visions regarding the complex and diverse forms of modernity.

More than 100 artists and artist groups from 35 different countries will exhibit more than 150 projects throughout the 10th International Istanbul Biennial.

10th International Istanbul Biennial will explore the venues through titles implying the venues' role in Istanbul's political, economic and social aspects of its modernisation process.

"Burn It or Not?", Atatürk Cultural Centre, Taksim A leading example of the Republican Period Architecture and a symbol of the Taksim Square, the heart of Istanbul, the AKM Building serves as a major element of the city's cultural and political memory. Obviously, this modernist edifice incarnates the ideological model of Turkey's modernization driven by its republican revolutionary project. However, today it is under the threat of being gentrified by global capitalism's expansion. Through using this building as an important venue for the Biennial with an exhibition focusing on the question of utopia and its fate all around the world; questions of social progress, modernization and democracy, etc. in the current conditions of globalization will be raised and debated.

"World Factory", Istanbul Textile Traders' Market, Unkapani The Istanbul Textile Traders' Market, buit in the 60s consists of six blocks which accommodate approximately a thousand shops. This intelligently designed vernacular modernist building, explored by its users in an organic and self-organizational manner, shows an interesting and peculiar case of how local economic activities with a modern vision bring a vital element to contribute to the urban evolution. And it's a perfect site for the project "World Factory" that manifests the reality and strategies of the negotiation between developed and developing worlds in terms of different models of production, consumption and economic development in the age of globalization and geopolitical conflicts.

"Entre-polis" and "Dream House", Antrepo no.3, Tophane Old customs warehouses located on the Bosporus near Tophane were used for the 4th, 8th and 9th Istanbul Biennials. This particular location, function and architectural identity allow a highly complex project to grow from within: two exhibitions will be realized in two overlapping structures. An "Entre-polis", dealing with issues of global trading, migration, border crossing and their impacts on urban life will be constructed in a labyrinth-like street-square-street micro-urban structure. Above this micro-city, there will be a series of high-rise platforms opening only in the evenings. They are "Dream Houses" that welcome people to stay and discover some most unexpected elements of the Biennial, and enjoy Istanbul by night from an unusual angle.

Special Projects


nightcomers is one of the night programme projects of the 10th International Istanbul Biennial and is based on the concept of "dazibao", used by Hou Hanru in reference to wall-mounted posters of political criticism produced by the public during the Chinese Revolution. Videos will be shown throughout the night in the streets, and the target is to reach a bigger audience than the Istanbul Biennial does in the daytime. The video programs have been selected by five local curators from the pool of videos sent by general public upon the open call of the Biennial. They will be projected in different parts of the city on certain nights of the week via a specific mobile device. This will bring the Biennial project to different sectors of the city, especially those out of cultural centres.


santralistanbul is a project led by Istanbul Bilgi University, involving the conversion of the first power station built in Istanbul during the Ottoman period -- Silahtaraga Power Plant -- into a Museum of Contemporary Arts, a Museum of Energy and a cultural and educational centre.

santralistanbul will be the one of the sites for special projects focused on self-organisation for the 10th International Istanbul Biennial and will serve as a space of education, workshop and laboratory. Events like international workshops, residency program, a conference and a film program are going to be realized in santralistanbul in collaboration with Istanbul Bilgi University.

Kadiköy Public Education Centre (KAHEM)

KAHEM is situated at the heart of the Asian side of the city. Built as a popular cultural centre as a part of the republican social education and culture project in the 1930s, it is a significant Turkish modernist building undervalued for long time. Organising special projects for the Biennial not only provides a platform for urban and geopolitical emergency, it also offers an opportunity for the public to rediscover such a specific architectural and cultural edifice.

Artist List

Hamra Abbas Adel Abdessemed AES+F Vahram Aghasyan Buthayna Ali Allora Calzadilla Selçuk Artut Kutlug Ataman Fikret Atay Jonathan Barnbrook Ramazan Bayrakoglu Justin Bennett Ege Berensel - Serhat H. Yalçinkaya - Banu Ornat Ursula Biemann Bik Van der Pol Cao Fei Banu Cennetoglu Lia Chaia Paul Chan Chen Hui-Chiao Chen Chieh-Jen Claire Fontaine Teddy Cruz Nancy Davenport Burak Delier Democracia Atom Egoyan Idil Elveris - Zeren Göktan Extrastruggle Daniel Faust Didier Fiuza Faustino Christoph Fink Nina Fischer - Maroan El Sani Vicky Funari - Sergio de la Torre Bodil Furu - Beate Petersen Rainer Ganahl Jean Baptiste Ganne Gimhongsok Renée Green Ivan Grubanov Ha Za Vu Zu Erdem Helvac?oglu Huang Yong Ping Emre Hüner Sanja Ivekovic Eleni Kamma Kan Xuan Ömer Ali Kazma Ian Kiaer Sora Kim Taiyo Kimura Gunilla Klinberg Aleksander Komarov Rem Koolhaas/AMO Markus Krottendorfer Lee Bul Minouk Lim Lu Chunsheng Cristina Lucas Ken Lum MAP Office Ramón Mateos Julio Cesar Morales Multiplicity Els Opsomer Ou Ning Ferhat Özgür Peng Hung-Chih Anu Pennanen Alexandre Périgot Tadej Pogacar Julien Prévieux Radek Community Michael Rakowitz Raqs Media Collective Jewyo Rhii Porntaweesak Rimsakul Lordy Rodriguez Sam Samore Fernando Sanchez Castillo Allan Sekula Taro Shinoda Sophia Tabatadze David Ter-Oganyan Nasan Tur Katleen Vermeir - Ronny Heiremans Wong Hoy-Cheong Xu Zhen Yan Pei Ming Yan Lei Yang Jiechang Tomoko Yoneda Young Hae Chang Heavy Industries Yushi Uehara / Berlage Institute Zhou Hao - Ji Jianghong Zhu Jia

Special Projects

Nightcomers (curated by Övül Durmusoglu, Marcus Graf, Borga Kantürk, Pelin Uran, Adnan Yildiz)

Apartment Project Art Experience (Istanbul Bilgi University / Domus Academy) Atelier bow-wow Emergency Biennale in Chechnya Fiji Biennale Pavilions by Mladen Bizumic Floating Territories (Evens Foundation) Hafriyat Innocent Act (studioKAHEM) Isola/OUT Nico Dockx - Kris Delacourt (for Floating Territories) K2

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10th International Istanbul Biennial

Not Only Possible But Also Neccesary:
Optimism In The Age Of Global War
Kurator: Hou Hanru

Time Past, Time Present: 20 years of the Istanbul Biennial
Kurator: David Elliott

Künstler: Hamra Abbas, Adel Abdessemed, AES+F, Vahram Aghasyan, Buthayna Ali, Allora Calzadilla, Selcuk Artut, Kutlug Ataman, Fikret Atay, Jonathan Barnbrook, Ramazan Bayrakoglu, Justin Bennett, Ege Berensel / Serhat H. Yalcinkaya / Banu Ornat, Ursula Biemann, Bik Van der Pol, Cao Fei, Banu Cennetoglu, Lia Chaia, Paul Chan, Chen Hui-Chiao, Chen Chieh-Jen, CLAIRE FONTAINE , Teddy Cruz, Nancy Davenport, Burak Delier, Democracia , Atom Egoyan, Idil Elveris / Zeren Göktan, Extrastruggle , Daniel Faust, Didier Fiuza Faustino, Christoph Fink, Nina Fischer / Maroan El Sani, Vicky Funari / Sergio de la Torre, Bodil Furu / Beate Petersen, Rainer Ganahl, Jean Baptiste Ganne, Gimhongsok, Renée Green, Ivan Grubanov, HA ZA VU ZU , Erdem Helvacoglu, Huang Yong Ping, Emre Hüner, Sanja Ivekovic, Eleni Kamma, Kan Xuan, Ömer Ali Kazma, Ian Kiaer, Sora Kim, Taiyo Kimura, Gunilla Klinberg, Aleksander Komarov, Rem Koolhaas / AMO, Markus Krottendorfer, Lee Bul, Minouk Lim, Lu Chunsheng, Cristina Lucas, Ken Lum, MAP Office , Ramon Mateos, Julio Cesar Morales, Multiplicity , Els Opsomer, Ou Ning, Ferhat Özgür, Peng Hung-Chih, Anu Pennanen, Alexandre Perigot, Tadej Pogacar & P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E., Julien Previeux, Radek Community , Michael Rakowitz, Raqs Media Collective, Jewyo Rhii, Porntaweesak Rimsakul, Lordy Rodriguez, Sam Samore, Fernando Sanchez Castillo, Allan Sekula, Taro Shinoda, Sophia Tabatadze, David Ter-Oganyan, Nasan Tur, Katleen Vermeir / Ronny Heiremans, Wong Hoy-Cheong, Xu Zhen, Yan Peiming, Yan Lei, Yang Jiechang, Tomoko Yoneda, Young-Hae Chang HEAVY INDUSTRIES, Yushi Uehara / Berlage Institute, Zhou Hao / Ji Jianghong, Zhu Jia