press release

Opening: July 12, 2008; 8 pm

Center is pleased to display „18", a group show organized in collaboration with Saim Demircan.

Using a simple brief and ongoing invitation process '18' presents what an edition means to a variety of artists of different disciplines; Artists were asked to contribute a single edition, multiple or 'imprint'. An edition can be any format, medium, size and the number of editions is entirely up to the artist. The artists can either make a new or contribute an existing edition. For some artists an edition might be produced alongside to their practise whilst for other it can be a context for the production of their work, as such the editions in this exhibition vary from loose interpretations to integral processes of numeracy and multiplicity and are all here presented without hierarchy. Since the nature of the show is informal and through association, in what might first appears to be a group show of individual works, this approach allows for the possibility of relationships to occur between work that are one of a series.

Center-Editions are available by Yesim Akdeniz Graf, Dan Rees and Mark Van Yetter.

Organised by Saim Demircan & Center

Editions by Katarina Burin, Liz Cohen, Coco Crampton, Sean Edwards, Rob Filby, Yesim Akdeniz Graf, Nicolas Guagnini, Mathew Hale, Wolfgang Mayer, Jonathan Monk, Dan Rees, Rebecca Roscorla, Mathew Sawyer, Juliane Solmsdorf, Lucy J Stein, Rosemarie Trockel, Tal R, Mark Van Yetter, Thomas Zipp