press release

Opening Reception and Catalogue Launch - April 26, 2007 at 7 p.m. Artist talk scheduled for May 23rd at 7pm with guest Curator, Corinna Ghaznavi.

18 Illuminations is an exceptional exhibition consisting of eighteen Canadian artists whose works are all conceived around light and its many different connotations: warding off darkness, embodying wisdom and keeping memory alive. Light is connected with the sun and the seasons, safety and wisdom.

The works range from Tom Dean’s single channel video of a burning staircase, to Reuel Dechene’s miniature lights decorating hubcaps, to Sheila Moss’s suspended lantern, to Chrysanne Stathacos’ photographs of spiritual Auras.

Assembly and installation of this show has taken over a week, as the exhibition is installed in all three of the upper level galleries. Each piece in this eclectic exhibition is very different from the next, some requiring electrical power, others mounted on the wall or ceiling, but everything will be ready to light up the art centre this Thursday, April 26th for the opening reception and launch of the exhibition catalogue.

The exhibition has been organized and circulated by the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Owen Sound and is touring to seven other public gallery partners across Canada from Halifax to Winnipeg. 18 Illuminations is co-curated by Carla Garnet and Corinna Ghaznavi, who will be presenting a Curators Talk at the gallery, Wednesday May 23rd at 7p.m.

18 Illuminations
Contemporary Art and Light

mit Stephen Andrews, Kenn Bass, Janet Bellotto, Dana Claxton, Tom Dean, Reuel Dechene, Stan Denniston, Sarindar Dhaliwal, Luis Jacob, Bill Jones, Micah Lexier, Bernie Miller, Sheila Moss, Lisa Neighbour, Edward Pien, Chrysanne Stathacos, Sharon Switzer, Tim Whiten