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The Swiss Institute – Contemporary Art (SI) is pleased to announce 24-Hour Incidental, a one-day program of simultaneous performance works by ten visual artists, presented at the SI, as part of PERFORMA05. We are thrilled to be a part of PERFORMA05, the first biennial of new visual art performance in New York, which will be held at more than 20 venues citywide this November.

From noon to noon, during the opening weekend of the PERFORMA05 Biennial, the SI will host a veritable marathon of work by ten innovative synthesizers of visual art and performance. Works will range from the necessarily interactive, as with Karl Holmqvist’s project involving visitor’s favorite songs from the Magnetic Fields’ album ‘69 Love Songs’, to the virtually immaterial, as with Jason Dodge’s piece ‘Kristin Larson has been to the South Pole’ which consists simply of an anonymous visit from Ms. Larson. 24-Hour Incidental will intersect two days, carving out an irregular passage of time and space. Projects will start and finish, overlap, interfere and ultimately wash away within the parameters carved out by the project's curator, artist Jordan Wolfson.

Artists John Armleder, Peter Coffin, Jason Dodge, Annika Eriksson, Piero Golia, Carsten Holler, Karl Holmquist, Koo Jeong-A, Christoph Keller and Yoko Ono span several generations, representing both the pioneering generation of Fluxus and Happenings and a younger set whose work borrows from and builds on the traditions of conceptual art and performance. Yoko Ono’s historic ‘Yes Ladder’ will share the space with Koo Jeong-A’s construction, made on the spot, of materials she finds within the SI’s gallery and storage areas, while Piero Golia will set up a hammock and sleep through the whole 24-hour event, so that he will have no memory of the show. Each artist is given full rights over the space, however all works will function in different dimensions; sound, invisibility, conversation, construction, hallucination, documentation, contemplation, and impulse. The program will thus be defined by unpredictability; at any given moment during the span of the event, performances will take place concurrently in numerous combinations.

24-Hour Incidental is a co-production of the Swiss Institute – Contemporary Art and PERFORMA.

The event has been made possible in part with the support of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and IASPIS.


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Kurator: Jordan Wolfson
05.11.05, 12:00 - 06.11.05, 12:00

mit: John Armleder, Peter Coffin, Jason Dodge, Annika Eriksson, Piero Golia, Carsten Höller, Karl Holmqvist, Koo Jeong-a, Christoph Keller and Yoko Ono