press release

Diana Lowenstein Gallery, now located in a converted warehouse in the Wynwood Art District in Miami, began its course in 1989 as Der Brücke in Buenos Aires. Diana Lowenstein originally presented the works of masters such as Lam, Tapies and Matta. Over time, she expanded to work with younger artists, reflecting her preferred artistic current of Contemporary Art. Since that time, an eclectic variety is omnipresent in the paintings, sculptures, photography and installations exhibited. The gallery, which was relocated to Miami in 2000, currently represents over thirty artists from across the globe and continues to evolve by adding emerging artists, both local and international, to its roster. A year - long exhibition program is complemented by participation in major art fairs, maintaining a solid connection to the ever - developing art world.

“The more I familiarized myself with Diana's passionate connection to 'her' artists and her 'glocal' approach when it comes to her program, the more I felt the need for the show to progress on two parallel tracks: one was to study and reinterpret the gallery’s 25 year history, the other to underline its current activity and future plans.

The artworks are arranged in eight groups that began to take shape as the research developed: Color; History; Human Body/Portraits; Materia y Forma; Patterns; Symbolism; Text; and Vacío. Fascinating and unexpected dialogues arose as the works violently collided into each other or politely engaged in subtle conversations. The possibilities for exchanges amongst the works presented are indeed endless. Despite its structure, in fact, the show aims to present a fluid discourse in the form of a diary documenting the past 25 years of a love story between Diana and 'her' artists. No barriers or signage separate the various sections. It is my hope that viewers will let their eyes wander and their synapses run wild and connect as many dots as possible allowing for their own stories to emerge.” – Ombretta Agro Andruff