press release

Hosted by OCT-LOFT, the 3rd Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale has appointed Mr. Li Zhenhua as its artistic director, Ms. He Jinfang as executive director, and Mr. Han Fei as project producer.

The Biennale consists of five main sections that include: Animation in Space; Special Screening; Nominated New Works; Live Animation; and Talks & Symposium. Plus a new online section entitled “GIF-ing," curated by the artist Liao Wenfeng.

The fundamental definition of independent animation is a reflection of the independent spirit through the form of animation.

So, how can we use existing artistic means of expression to explore new form of presentation? How can we understand the changes in technology, concepts, and community? This Biennale will exhibit the work of Jeffrey Shaw that makes use of augmented reality (AR) based on his intensive research on the Dunhuang caves. It will also include the works of Pat O’Neill featuring special film printing technology and audiovisuals from the 1970s. While Catherine Biocca offers her animation Meeting 4D that range from 1D to 4D, Hu Weiyi brings his Pulp Landscape that deals with the relationship between human nature and theatre. The Republic of Jing Bang by Sun Xun focuses on the discussion of geopolitics. The animation by Liu Yi depicts foreign scenery as a site for fragmented memory. Lu Yang explores the integration of religion and medical science through augmented reality. And last but not least, Ed Fornieles investigates the connection between fictional cartoon characters, the online world, and bodily inhibitions, whereas Angela Washko explores the interplay between gaming and feminism.

The program of commissioned work strives to promote emerging ideas and creative artistic presentations. While Yves Netzhammer and Bernd Schurer will present their latest commissioned works, Aaajiao will introduce his new work on the exploration of light and shadow. David O’Reilly’s new animation will deal with the integration of video games and reciprocity.

Animation is concerned with the cycle of individual production and creative fields.

This Biennale also focuses on individual narratives and how to turn stories into visual presentations. The Special Screening section will include the Asian premiere of New Book of Mountains and Seas Part 3 by Qiu Anxiong, the video documentation of the series "Second Life" by Cao Fei, works by artists such as Miao Xiaochun, Tian Xiaolei, Lei Lei, Ding Shiwei, Zhou Xiaohu, as well as curated projects from Fantoche, The One Minutes, Le Fresnoy, Videotage, and MAN Museum. The screenings will celebrate the excellence of individual artists and international animation production.

This Biennale is supported by CenturyDream, Ginkgo Space, Videotage, Fantoche, Le Fresnoy, The One Minutes, Cherry and Martin, HONGRI Professional Lighting, and Shanghai HeLu Culture Communications Co., Ltd. The Biennale would also like to thank Mr. Uli Sigg and Ms. Kelly Wang for their generous support.