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The 6th International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Curitiba will be developed under the curatorial concept "Beyond the Crisis."

The Biennial, which has been gaining ground as one of the biggest events of contemporary art in Latin America, will display works by artists from countries across five continents. With this scope, it becomes the most important cultural event to be held in Brazil in 2011.

The 6th edition of the Biennial will have as general curators the experienced art critics Alfons Hug (Biennial of São Paulo, Biennial of the End of the World, Argentina) and Tício Escobar (Triennial of Chile, Biennial of Valencia, in Spain). As co-curators, the general curators defined art critics Adriana Almada and Paz Guevara. The Biennial also features guest curators Alberto Saraiva, Artur Freitas, Eliane Prolik and Simone Landal. Specialists Denise Bandeira and Sonia Tramujas were chosen as curators for the educational project.

There will be a seven-month programming that includes lectures, round tables, exhibitions, courses, workshops, film presentations, performances and urban interferences, occupying the major cultural spaces in Curitiba.

The exhibitions of the 6th Curitiba Biennial will be held from September 18 to November 20, 2011.

In order to geographically expand the Biennial's scope to the five regions of the country, the programming of the 6th Biennial of Curitiba will also include activities in the cities of Brasília (DF), Fortaleza (CE), Macapá (AP), Belo Horizonte (MG), Londrina and Cascavel (PR), and Florianópolis (SC).

Aiming to allow maximum use by audiences of all ages and the exploration of the Biennial's educational potential, a comprehensive educational project will developed, ranging from inclusive action measures, training courses for teachers, monitors at the exhibition spaces, guided visits and targeted publications geared towards teachers and monitors, among others.

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6th International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Curitiba
"Beyond the Crisis"
Kuratoren: Alfons Hug, Ticio Escobar, Alberto Saraiva, Artur Freitas, Eliane Prolik, Simone Landal, Denise Bandeira, Sonia Tramujas

Künstler: Ricarda Roggan, Neville d´Almeida, John Bock, Darren Almond, Danica Dakic, Desire Machine Collective  (Mriganka Madhukaillya & Sonal Jain), Fernando Gutierrez + Ciro Quintana, Adonis Flores, Ricardo Lanzarini, Boris Mikhailov, Liliana Porter, George Osodi, Mark Lewis, Andre Rigatti, C. L. Salvaro, Fabio Noronha, Felipe Scandelari, Fernando Burjato, Livia Piantavini, Rimon Guimaraes, Raul Cruz, Alfredo Andersen ...