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_ a kingdom for a horse!

The motto is: "For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come." (The New Testament, Hebrews 12, 13). The future city, the future way of living together, and perhaps even the future way of a common approach in the post-factual age, is here in Matthias Sturm's presentation at the CICA Museum on artistic disposition. For example, on Japanese paper: Feather-light and weighty at the same time, feather-light in the speed of the visual impression, which acts upon us in 60 joined picture tiles in the secondary act; weighty in its Shakespearean dimension of content: "Everything stands on the knife's edge." Existential memories flash, old nightmares are awakened and the horses of aesthetic knowledge run throughout. At last: Ecriture automatique will be visualized, will be a reminder, will be gloomy poetry. Does: "You want it darker, we kill the flame" (Leonard Cohen) also apply?

Raimar Stange, Berlin in February 2017