press release

And why not!? Artists try to make sense of the world in their own ways. They tip the world around to provoke new reactions to things that sometimes seem settled in society. In some ways art provokes instability to prevent quick closure or conclusion in an effort to keep open-ended any sense of finality. This international survey of new art opens the way for a re-engagement with the conceptual.

Art has realigned itself in profound ways with history, science and technology, moving through a period of intense and subjective humanism to more intricate and evolved nexus linked to investigation. Artists provide parallel histories and labyrinthine conjectures to reinvent trajectories of belief and outcomes. From taxonomies to physical trajectories, A Molecular History of Everything* is an expanded constellation of ideas.

A Molecular History Of Everything

Künstler: Charles Anderson, Rosa Barba, Marc Bauer, Gabrielle de Vietri, Richard Fauguet, Louise Flaherty, Geophil  (Bianca Looney & Lucas Chirnside), Claire Harvey, Bianca Hester, Gavin Hipkins, Nick Mangan, Nora Martirosyan, Dave Muller, Alex Pittendrigh, Alex Rizkalla & Julie Davies, Stuart Ringholt, Daniel von Sturmer, Danielle van Vree, Kan Xuan