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The exhibition Project Room. A show without works / Una mostra senza opere, curated by Daniele Perra, bares the inner workings of the creativity behind art, exposing the processes that form the work’s foundation, recounting them and explaining their genesis.

When we visit a contemporary art exhibition, we find ourselves before the works, which are often quite difficult to interpret, and we observe them without understanding the process that generated them. Between a chopped-up cow immersed in formaldehyde and a replica of the Pope blindsided by a meteorite, it’s legitimate to ask questions.

Project Room challenges the usual exhibition routine and decides to not exhibit executed art works but rather offers ten self-interviewing videos by as many artists, who speak openly about a piece they are working on, or a visionary project they want to realize, or about their creative process.

The dreams, ambitions, and investigations of the international artists Marc Bauer (CH), Whitney Bedford (USA), Yael Davids (NL), Jean-Pascal Flavien (FR), Annalisa Furnari (I), Ryan Gander (UK), Jérémie Gindre (CH), Loredana Longo (I), Bas Louter (NL) and Christian Rainer (I) are contained in ten monitors spread through three rooms at Spazio Lima. Their narrating voices will help the public imagine their future aesthetic scenarios.

Project Room is also an opportunity to plot a map of international creativity for the generation of artists born between 1968 and 1978, from the Netherlands, Italy, UK, Switzerland, France and US. The narrations underscore analogies and differences, whether between the cultural identities of the geographical areas involved or in the use of different media: photography, drawing, painting, video, sculpture, sound and performance. Among these differences, however, there stands out a common and significant element: the strong sense of planning that these artists’ working methods have in common.

Although Project Room could also be a starting point for a future “traditional” exhibition, an idea for people in search of new talent, the project’s objective is to feed the visitors’ curiosity, urging them to reflect on the complex mechanisms that are at the foundation of a work of art.

The exhibition is being held to coincide with MICAM The shoe event and is financed by the shoe manufacturer ROBERTO DEL CARLO, here sponsoring a contemporary art event for the first time. This is an important example of how the best of present-day Italian entrepreneurship can make a solid contribution to the growth and diffusion of contemporary art in a broader public arena.

The exhibition is also realized with the support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.


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Project Room
A show without works - Una mostra senza opere - Une exposition sans œuvres
Kuratorin: Daniele Perra

mit Marc Bauer, Whitney Bedford, Yael Davids, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Annalisa Furnari, Ryan Gander, Jeremie Gindre, Loredana Longo, Bas Louter, Christian Rainer