press release

A white noise is a particular type of sound characterised by an absence of periodicity in time and amplitude constant over the entire frequency spectrum. It is called white by analogy with the fact that a similar spectrum of electromagnetic radiation within the band of visible light would appear to the human eye as white light.”

In reality a white noise cannot be visualised; it does not exist. The subject of this exhibition centres on the definition and focuses on Italian art production of the past decade, dealing with sound and on it’s sensorial implications. Thanks to the presence of a significant number of participating artists and works, the visitors of the show will be able to appreciate the many different medias and the wealth of this artistic production, which reveals a vitality of expression and a potential which are still quite superficially investigated.

Suggesting a mixed neo-Dadaist and conceptual framework, the exhibition emphasises the fundamental role of Milano as a laboratory of experimentation and research related to sensory frequencies in visual arts: significant artists like Luigi Russolo, John Cage and Giuseppe Chiari have in fact found in Milan a cultural humus, favorable to the development and dissemination of their most compelling works.

A White Noise. Frequencies and Visions from the Peninsula is included in the program of Milano Cuore d’Europa, a multidisciplinary cultural project launched by the City of Milan. The program is dedicated to reveal the European identity of the city through the figures and movements which, with their own history and artistic production, have contributed to build European citizenship and cultural identity.