press release

A Year with Children showcases artworks by students participating in Learning Through Art (LTA), an educational program of the Guggenheim Museum. LTA facilitates yearlong residencies that place professional teaching artists in public elementary schools throughout New York City as well as in Trenton, New Jersey and Mexico City, Mexico. These artists collaborate with classroom teachers and museum educators to develop art projects that use museum exhibitions to support the school curriculum.

During the 2001-02 school year, students explored and created art in response to two Guggenheim exhibitions, Brazil: Body & Soul and Norman Rockwell: Pictures for the American People, as well as the museum's unique Frank Lloyd Wright architecture. This exhibition includes examples of these students' completed work as well as selected sketches and writings that reflect the many stages of instruction, thought, and invention that preceded the final pieces.

Learning Through Art was founded in 1970 by Natalie K. Lieberman in response to the elimination of art and music programs in New York City public schools. Over the past 32 years, Learning Through Art has served more than 132,000 children and their families, primarily in New York City.

A Year with Children 2002