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“Abstraction Revisited” examines the work of various contemporary artists engaged in abstraction, alongside examples from some of the first-generation masters of Abstract Expressionism. The works were chosen for their visual impact and the strong dialogue they establish between the first generation and today’s abstractionists.

This juxtaposition seeks to shed light on the parallels and differences within a practice which shows no sign of fading, indeed which is more vital and innovative than ever, as evidenced by a surge of interest from artists, critics and art lovers alike. While the younger artists acknowledge their illustrious predecessors, they are less doctrinaire, willing to mix genres and media, from painting and sculpture to photography, video and film. They demonstrate their independence and individuality within an idiom which remains as vital today as it was when artists first sought freedom from representation.

Where the early stages of Abstract Expressionism took place mainly in Europe and the US, this exhibition demonstrates that younger international artists from places as diverse as Korea and Argentina, as well as from multiple generational backgrounds, can stand up to being shown ‘cheek to jowl’ to the Masters of the first generation. This exhibition allows for a new and exciting look at abstract art from the 1950s to today, offering a fresh understanding of its history, while enhancing the importance of the works of younger generations.

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Abstraction Revisited
Kuratorin: Elga Wimmer

Künstler: Gerard Mosse, Haeri Yoo, Hernan Cedola, Jean Miotte, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Joan Mitchell, Larry Poons, Lee Krasner, Louise Fishman, Lydia Dona, Norbert Prangenberg, Otto Zitko, Robert Motherwell, Sam Francis, Stephen Ellis, Theodoros Stamos, Vicky Usle, William Baziotes