press release

Post Notes, curated by Adam Carr took over the architect's office above floating ip for a one week only exhibition. An international ensemble of artists were invited to produce a work using a generic yellow office note, and to mail it to Carr’s Manchester flat. While artists were given free reign over what they produced, Carr requested that the basic qualities of the note should be retained. The resulting works ranged from the beautiful to the absurd to the purely functional. Laser cut flowers, a flick book animation of an owl doing a victory roll, a reminder "Don’t make drawings of animals or of people’s faces. Drawings of headless bodies or holes in the ground are OK.".

Adam Carr

Contributing artists:
Kid Acne, Dale Adcock, Diann Bauer, Corine Borgnet, Andrew Bracey, Jon Burgerman, David Burrows, Tom Chaffe, David Cochrane, Serge Comte, Ben Cook, Nick Crowe, Layla Curtis, Designers Republic, Stuart Edmundson, Sarah Emerson, Gasface, Flying Fortress, Andrew Gannon, Steven Gontarski, Rachel Goodyear, Sam Gordon, Jemma Gura, Ellen Harvey, Hrafnhildur Halldorsdottir,Graphic Havoc, Patrick Hill, James Hutchinson, James Ireland, Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Lamjc, Laurence Lane, Jim Lambie, Kit Lawrence, Cedar Lewisohn, Tor-Magnus Lundeby, T Kelly Mason, Paul McDevitt, Angie McViegh, Jim Medway, Jo Mitchell, Jonathan Monk, Matt Mullican, Motomichi Nakamura, Jeroen Offerman, Sat One, David Osbaldeston, Oso, Graham Parker, llias Papailiakis, Jonathan Parsons, Mark Pearson, Kate Pemberton, Richard Priestly, Magnus Quaiffe, Nat Rabb, Ian Rawlinson, Jennifer Ray, Paul Roberts, Saki Satom, Karen Schoellkopf, Alex Shoukis, Andreas Slominski, Paul Stanley, Mark Titchner, Martin Vincent, Walnut, Karen Yasinsky, Neil Zakiewicz, Toby Ziegler