press release

Cloud Farming

Data and Dragons is a series of sculptures that intercepts and logs anonymous live data captured from surrounding WiFi signals. An assembly of custom printed circuit boards and Ethernet cabling, each work is dark and austere, manifesting “the cloud”, social networks, data, leaks, and that which forms social capital into a single object. Passively interactive, the behavior of these pieces is driven by custom hardware and packet sniffers, which capture all the live data passing through the area. The information is then visualized via surface mounted LEDs, through a series of blinking patterns. Cloud Farming intercepts and logs anonymous data captured from surrounding wifi signals. This work is suspended from the ceiling overhead. It contemplates post-Snowden information culture and networked consciousness.

Black Hawk

Black Hawk is a mechanically assisted series of action paintings that Wagenknecht started in 2007. She creates them with small-scale drone aircraft, and in the process, utilizes simple flight commands such as ‘barrel roll’, ‘take off’ and ‘land’. Among the most recent are works on paper that incorporate heat- and UV-sensitive pigments, furthering her first explorations with liquid acrylics on canvas.