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This exhibition explores, through photography, some of the key questions that art museums face today. What is the role of a cultural institution in a contemporary context? What is the relationship between the museum and the public? How can relevant new platforms for learning and public engagement with art be developed?

These photographs document the diverse range of public events developed by the Adult Programmes team at Tate Modern. The thirteen photographers in this exhibition present, through their individual artistic voices, diverse types of public engagement with art within the museum. Ranging from documentary style to abstraction, together these images aptly capture the experiences that we often struggle to put into words. After we arrive, before we leave… is the creative outcome of a collaboration between Tate Modern’s Adult Programmes team and the BA Photography department at London College of Communication. Initiated in early 2009, its aim was to create a photographic archive of public events and to offer the participating students a professional development opportunity as well as an insight into the workings of a major art institution.

Curated by Sandra Sykorova, Assistant Curator of Adult Programmes, Tate Modern, in dialogue with BA Photography students at London College of Communication.

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After we arrive, before we leave…
Kuratorin: Sandra Sykorova

Künstler: Maciej Markowicz, Georgia Arena, Liz Fernando, Matuda Masayo, Katie Snooks, Ana Escobar, Andrew Moynehan, Nina Dmyterko, Mia Yates, Sophie Hall, Lucile Dupraz, Julia Curtin, Damian Kruhelski