press release

Agitate challenges photographic convention by exhibiting works that reexamine, rebuild, or dispense entirely with the standard photographic apparatus. The majority of the artists in this exhibit eschew the camera altogether while other artists concern themselves with inventing their own photographic lenses, devices, and printing surfaces to further their exploration of the medium. Still others incorporate a performative aspect into the production of their images. The after-effects of their purposeful interruption of traditional photographic processes and equipment alter our perception of how the medium can be manipulated to creative ends.

The Spring/Summer issue of Camerawork: A Journal of Photographic Arts, featuring a special cd-rom addendum filled with artist interviews, images, and video clips, will accompany the show.


Kuratoren: Dore Bowen, Chuck Mobley

mit Heather Ackroyd / Dan Harvey, Jean-Philippe Baert, Marco Breuer, Binh Danh, Kate Farrall, Diane Althoff, Carlos Motta, Roger Newton, Ann Hamilton, Cynthia Young