press release

Aichi Triennale 2010 "Arts and Cities"
Künstler. Direktor: Akira Tatehata

venues: Aichi Arts Center (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya...), Nagoya City Art Museum, Choja-machi area, Nayabashi area ...

The inaugural edition of the Aichi Triennale, an international arts festival that aims to convey the latest trends in contemporary art, will be held in August 2010. Held every three years, this event will introduce visitors to contemporary art from around the world in various forms and presentations. Approximately 130 artists and artist groups from all over the world will participate in this year's Aichi Triennale. The majority of the works, whether they are newly commissioned or being shown for the first time in Japan, can only be seen at this festival.

In keeping with this year's theme, "Arts and Cities," the Triennale will be showcasing many works not only in museums and theaters, but also various other locations such as public squares, parks and a historic textile wholesale district. This approach will create a series of fascinating yet unusual urban scenes. As you walk around the city, you will find yourself surrounded by compelling works of art. Visitors are warmly invited to participate in this thrilling experience in Nagoya, where an entire city will be turned into an art space.

Participating artists and artist groups at the International Exhibitions of Contemporary Art: Futo Akiyoshi / Juan Arajo / Zoulikha Bouabedellah / Merve Berkman / Adel Abdessemed / Cai Guo Qiang / Michelangelo Consani / Cerith Wyn Evans/ Tom Friedman / Yang Fudong / Cyprien Gaillard / Gelitin / Oliver Herring / Huang Shih Chieh / Ryoji Ikeda / Oh Inhwan / Amar Kanwar / Jacob Kirkegaard / Lucia Koch / Takehito Koganezawa / Yayoi Kusama / Joo Choon Lin / Firoz Mahmud / Shiro Matsui / Aiko Miyanaga / Tatzu Nishi / Raquel Ormella / Hans Op de Beeck / Amalia Pica / Roland Rauschmeier, Achim Stiermann / Pip & Pop / Navin Rawanchaikul / Jirayu Rengjaras / Santiago Sierra / Lieko Shiga / Shimabuku / Chiharu Shiota / Kamen Stoyanov / Tadasu Takamine / Tatiana Trouvé / Tsang Kin Wah / Hema Upadhyay / Jin Me Yoon / Sun Yuan + Peng Yu / Héctor Zamora/ Zhang Huan and more

Participating artists and artist groups for the Performing Arts (stage performances): Antonia Baehr / chelfitsch / Steven Cohen / Tim Etchells / Forced Entertainment / Jan Fabre / Delgado Fuchs / Oriza Hirata + Ishiguro Laboratory (Osaka University) / Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker + Jérôme Bel+ Ictus / Sonia Khurana / La Ribot / Rosas / Hiroaki Umeda / Fuyuki Yamakawa and more