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Gagosian Gallery is pleased to announce the first Los Angeles exhibition of Italian artist Alberto Di Fabio. This exhibition will highlight new work that displays his sophisticated understanding of form and color.

Di Fabio focuses on the physical world and nature; his compositions are products of investigations of the celestial and the genetic. The new paintings that will be on view at Gagosian Gallery display graceful biological forms that extend into and around bursts of radiant color. Employing this secular vision, Di Fabio constructs works with overlapping layers of vibrant, abstracted subjects, evoking both the macro- and microcosmic.

The artist’s large canvases capture his commitment to the natural world in imagery and in color. Shapes unfold in ornate patterns of tendrils, scales, and spores; palettes evoke the trees molting in autumn or indigo creeping across cotton. His works on paper embody his dedication to a love of the organic form, both in subject and process. By applying his acrylic surfaces onto Chinese poetry paper, Di Fabio connects his image-making to that created by other distinctly human hands. The papers, inscribed in Chinese calligraphy, are used for funeral ceremonies and speak of the cycle of life. Di Fabio’s response is equally human and vivid.

Born in Arcinazzo in 1966, Di Fabio studied at the Academia delle Belle Arti, Roma. In 2002 he had a solo exhibition at Gagosian Gallery’s London space. He has also exhibited in solo shows and numerous group shows throughout Europe, New York, Mexico and Iran. He now lives and works in both Rome and New York.


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Alberto Di Fabio