Jeu de Paume, Paris

JEU DE PAUME | 1, place de la Concorde
F-75008 Paris

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Alex Cecchetti is an obsessive interrogator of the ways world comes to us. He cannot stop wondering why things emerge, why they strike us with a power of lighting and leave us blind in consequence, and why some of the images they make remain after we die. Many of his inspirations are coming from literature and philosophy. It is in this library of Babel where his dialogue with Mark Geffriaud usually takes place. “Why sculptures need to breathe?” Alex could ask, and Mark, playing along the lines of geometry, music and history of chance, would approach the story. He often searches for overlaps and lapses, time-warps and grey-holes of history. Making art for him is similar to production of tools of thinking or perceiving space. Yet when I’ve proposed Mark Geffriaud and Alex Cecchetti to collaborate to Satellite presentation I didn’t expect that the two would decide to embark on adventure to bring a flame of fire from Yanarta Mountain to Jeu de Paume and animate a series of sculptures with it.

Alex Cecchetti (Italian, b. 1977, lives in Paris) & Mark Geffriaud (French, b. 1977, lives in Paris).

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Alex Cecchetti and Mark Geffriaud
The Police Return to the Magic Shop
La Guerre, Le Théâtre, La Correspondance

Kurator: Raimundas Malasauskas