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Bingo, wait a minute . . . presents a selection of three of Alex Hubbard’s most recently completed movies. Hubbard, who is also known for his work in painting, has been documenting loosely choreographed activities in his studio and other spaces over the past couple of years with a camera. Performers, including the artist, execute sequences of fairly simple actions such as cutting paper, pouring paint, stacking objects, and other processes that are both additive and subtractive. The final results are relatively short in duration and are not necessarily causally connected with a climax or conclusion. The overall impact is that of extending a perceptual moment in which we are slightly unhinged from our relationship with what is taking place before our eyes. We know the familiar moves and tricks that he is using, yet they induce a strange feeling of disconnect between what we see and hear, and our comprehension of it. The fixed camera position above the field of activity in earlier works such as Lost Loose Ends and Heads in the Dark confuses the relationship between the horizontal and vertical planes. In his two most recent works, which include Screens for Recalling the Blackout, he has put the camera in motion to record actions that are more architectural and spatial, often with the activities just preceding the pan of the camera.

Hubbard has presented his work at Standard, Oslo; the House of Gaga, Mexico City; The St. Louis Museum of Contemporary Art; castillo/corrales, Paris; and Reena Spaulings, New York.

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