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Me, Myself and EU is Alex Majoli’s exploration of Europe’s contemporary social and political issues and its identity crisis through three key characters:

The emergent far-right: The rise of fiercely anti-immigrant far-right parties such as the French National Front and the Danish People’s Party play a key role in shaping Europe’s new image in response to the migrant and refugee crisis.

They receive a disproportionate share of media attention, augmenting their theatrical role and their ability to impact on how the majority of people perceive the story of this crisis unfolding.

Individual migrants and refugees’ assimilation experiences in Europe: The dramatic scenes of migrants and refugees fleeing their war-torn and poverty-stricken homes and arriving exhausted at southern European beaches and eastern European borders are but one commencing moment in a long process of acceptance and assimilation - or lack thereof.

The fragmenting receiving societies: Conflicts at several layers of European society are playing out in response to the refugee and migrant crisis. A general divide between