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galerie michaela stock at viennacontemporary

ALEXANDER VISCIO at viennacontemporary
Six ways from Sunday makes for a full week
booth G11
27.09.2018 - 30.09.2018

How to play with words in visually perceptible object configurations is a recurrent theme in Alexander Viscio's conceptual artistic work. These constructions assume the most diverse forms within his oeuvre, initially forming a close connection with the body, then becoming like an installation, transcending beyond the body towards the object, only to turn the word into space.
In his artwork (a hexagonal object made in wood) created for Vienna contemporary Six ways from Sunday makes for a full week (2017/18), the artist's body gets enclosed by the object, almost merging into one unit with it.
Viscio will enter the sculpture and traverse to each pod (6), using his body alone to rotate the object. The words "Six ways from Sunday makes for a full week" are cut into Braille in each side of the sculpture's 6 pods. These holes are reminiscent of the so-called "glory holes" in erotic peep shows and provide access into the object and what brings it to rotate. In fact they are the hand and foot holes for the artist to help navigate and allow minimum sight outside the sculpture.