press release

Currently living and working in Cologne, Bircken’s background is firmly rooted in fashion. Having studied fashion at St Martins Bircken went on to produce her own clothes and accessories before turning her attentions to fine art. As a sculptor Bircken still employs the materials and techniques that she discovered and honed whilst producing her clothing ranges. With no formal art training the sculptures become a hybrid of sorts, sometimes autonomous structures are formed through weaving and sewing, other times more nature-like references occur through the deployment of natural elements such as twigs, leaves or gemstones. These elements often push the work towards the idea of the landscape and the man made, occupying a no man’s land between nature and the synthetic. Colours are central to the reading of the work and again refer back to the art of cloth making or perhaps seasonal colouring. Often it is as if the sculptures have been dressed or tailored by Bircken and in such a way a personification of forms arises.


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Alexandra Bircken