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October 22, 2020–January 10, 2021

Alfredo Jaar: The Rwanda Project

Alfredo Jaar: The Rwanda Project is a solo exhibition by Chilean-born and New York-based artist Alfredo Jaar. His multidisciplinary practice explores power relations and socio-political stratifications, as well as issues of migration and discrimination.

The exhibition consists of selected works from The Rwanda Project, 1994-2000 and is largely derived from Jaar’s own experiences in the country in 1994 and witnessing the then-recent aftermath of the genocide. The artist’s incisive critique of the world’s indifference to these events at that time is palpable. The series of technical and poignant installations bring attention to news media and the public’s voyeuristic gaze. As a critique of the act of looking and seeing, Jaar translates and integrates images into experiences that attempt to highlight the complexity of trauma as well as the memory that extends beyond that captured within a visual.