press release

Alice Creischer, Iza Tarasewicz. Battling with Malevolent Forces

November 12, 2021–February 27, 2022
Opening: November 12, 7–9pm

The hat speaks, the rake speaks
the scythe murmurs
to the ear in the grass:

8.760 hours has the year.
1.200 hours consumes a job.
40 years of work
with 80 years life expectancy
are 48.000 hours.
But life has
700.800 hours
in Germany.
In Germany
the share of working time
of life is
only 7 percent.

To the ear in the grass speaks the hat
the rake speaks
it whispers the scythe to the eyelid:

Given the speed of light in fiber
it is possible
to send
an order from New York to Chicago
and back in 12 milliseconds.
It gives the occasion to be
the first to exploit
the discrepancies between
prices in Chicago and prices in New York.
A millisecond is a thousandth of a second
A tenth of the time it takes you
to blink your eyes,
if you blink
as fast as you can.

To the lid the scythe sizzles
Watch out, you,
Don't you think, you
that you can hide it
under the lid of skin
the dream in sleep
and the eyes that run in it
around like birds do

before the host
who writes
exactly and precisely
your share of work
in life
on the door
with inerasable chalk

and do not think
that you can wipe it out
with your batting eyelashes
and let your eyes stand still
still in the middle
from the fright to listen to me in the grass

And do not think
And don't you dare
To think that I am a cricket