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On the 27th of September, Aurel Scheibler is opening "Pictures of People," an exhibition of works by the American artist Alice Neel (1900-1984) in his rooms on Witzlebenplatz 4 in Berlin-Charlottenburg. A prolific artist, Alice Neel painted pictures of people over a period of six decades with the utmost tenacity, outlasting the Great Depression, WWII, and abstract expressionism. She was loathe to refer to herself as a portrait painter or her works as "portraits." A self-deemed "collector of souls," she painted sitters as diverse as her neighbors in Spanish Harlem and the beautiful people of the booming 1980s artworld. It will be the first solo show of her works on the continent.

The exhibition is organised in association with Jeremy Lewison

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Alice Neel
"Pictures of People"