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Alison J Carr and Kerstin Honeit began working together at LoBe
 in June 2011. Their collaboration involves an ongoing exchange
of ‘video letters’. These conversations commenced with dancing separate ongoing dialogues: ‘Video Letters: Body’ and ‘Video Letters: Voice’. As the conversations continue we see the artists perform for each other: dancing to music, intervening in gallery spaces, asking other people to help them explore themes like the gaze. The only rule the artists adhere to, is that they must respond to the video letter they receive with a follow up video. A shared visual language is evolving as the artists both technically and visually quote one another, mimicking the way in which a verbal conversation uses repetition to register understanding. The conversation explores public and private spaces, intimate performances and investigative encounters. Alison J Carr Hallam University. She completed her MFA at the California Institute University in 2001. She works in photography, video, performance and writing. Her research; How do I look? is lead by her showgirl desire.

Kerstin Honeit lives and works in Berlin. She has shown her video and installation work internationally since 2006. In 2010 she received the Master-Student title (Meisterschülerin) from the Weißensee international solo exhibition Ambiguity is my Weapon at Gallery 400, Chicago. She is this year’s scholarship holder of the Berlin artist postgrad program Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprogramm.

LoBe is a residency-led contemporary art space, which provides artists with an opportunity to develop their practice within an environment that promotes dialogue, collaboration, exhibition making and interdisciplinary practice. The aim of the project is to develop meaningful cross-cultural networks within a British German context by giving artists from the UK the opportunity to collaborate with Berlin based artist and visa versa, in our permanent space in Berlin.

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Alison J Carr & Kerstin Honeit