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Opening Reception and Book Signing: Thursday, October 21, 6 to 8 p.m.

Alison Jackson, the British conceptual artist, will have her premier exhibition in the US with a new body of photographic work focusing on George W. Bush and other major celebrities. Jackson explores the public's obsession with the cult of celebrity in pop film and politics. She uses look-alikes of public figures and celebrities to create images that look convincingly. Her images depict with disturbing accuracy the fantasies that exist in the public's mind. Since 1999 she has become famous in the UK not only for her photography but also for work in film, video, live performance and installation.

Her new images offer stolen glimpses of Bush in such private moments as practicing his aim on Michael Moore and Osama Bin Laden and the President's hand wandering up the skirt of Condoleezza Rice. 'So-willing-to-please' Tony Blair gives Bush a leg-up to mount his horse and prays with him as well.

Jackson's images confuse and seduce. They explore the gap between what is real and imaginary. Jackson's work re-opens the long standing debate about the very nature of photographic truth, in the light of the burgeoning cult of celebrity and media photography. She addresses the cult of celebrity in photography and the publics overwhelming need to worship and identify with images.

As the British art critic Waldemar Janusczak expressed "scanning the British art horizon for the descendants of Hogarth, the sons of Goya, the daughters of Dada or the kin of Kathe Kollwitz, for anyone who is willing to pop their head about the parapet and attempt a Guernica or a Death of Marat, I can only see Alison Jackson".

Her book of photographs PRIVATE Penguin 2003 has sold over 100,000 copies in Britain alone. She has a new book in press for the US market, publication 2005. Among her numerous awards she includes an Infinity Award by the International Center of Photography in the spring 2004, a BAFTA for innovation for her BBC TV Series DoubleTake 2003 and a further BAFTA nomination for 2004. She also received Top awards from The Photographers Gallery and Creative Camera London. She is a high profile lecturer and panelist in the UK at museums, universities, art colleges and other public venues.

Alison Jackson
Election Year 2004