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The ordinary singularity which declines any identity and any condition of belonging to an urging issue of everyday survival is hostile as much to an individuality longing to preserve its cultural roots, as to a flexible collectivity where one can go in and out to his own discretion. Andreas Golinski’s new exhibition project stems from this relational and social model. The alienation deriving from the industrial mechanism - today like yesterday - provides the artist the metaphor to emphasize a compulsive model for cohabitation. Golinski spent a period of time in Essen together with a couple of workers forced to share a perceptive and cultural leveling, having the opportunity to unravel the dynamics of the production mechanism. In his installation the artist translated it into an articulate itinerary of claustrophobic and labyrinthic corridors - made up of piled up pallets - that bring back to the spectator a sensorial experience of constant and progressive alienation. What happened to man, to his specific characteristics and his most intimate nature, within this mechanism? An issue - certainly not new but nevertheless topical - which is recurrent on various levels of social reality. Starting from abusive workers, put into precarious conditions of sustainability - as we konw from the most recent news - to clandestine merchants, surely not free; to those who became mob without will, or individual without specific characteristics.

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Andreas Golinski
Lost Dreams
Kurator: Milovan Farronato