press release

Andrew Sabin’s show at Chisenhale Gallery consists of ten large floor-based works packed into the gallery space. The works are constructed from hard masses of expanded polyeurathane, fibreglass and steel all covered with camouflage nylon and studded with lustre-glazed ceramic buttons. On the walls hang ten large steel framed grids of black and white glazed tiles.

Some of the floor sculptures are recognizable - a tree, a shrub, a car, a fist, bits of furniture - whilst others were more abstract: a number seven and the letter ‘T’. Though solid, they suggest a soft upholstered form with shiny ceramic studs. The camouflaged objects are simultaneously present and absent, advancing and retreating. The ensemble creates the effect of an existential jungle, were images and ideas, surfaces and depths, jostle for attention.

Andrew Sabin was born in London in 1958. He studied sculpture at Chelsea College of Art (1979-83). Andrew Sabin has exhibited extensively in Britain and in Europe. Recent exhibitions include: The CREDAC d'Ivry, Paris; the Serpentine Gallery, London; La Fondation Suisse and Le Corbusier, Paris; and the Henry Moore Institute's studios at Dean Clough, Halifax.

Andrew Sabin